Hello World!

Welcome to my blog entitled “Bottom Up into the Cloud”. This title aims at the various computer oriented topics about which I am going to write: from the tiniest details of computing technology to the most abstract topics. Retro and nerd topics will occur alongside with hot buzzword suspicious developments.

About me

I am a Ph.D. student at the “Technische Universität Darmstadt” in the area of database systems. My research focus is on the adaption of those systems given new hardware technology and their possibilities. Since 2001 I am a consequent Linux user and you find me more often on the command line or in an Emacs window than in any other program. When I am coding, then it is currently in C/C++ and Bash most of the time; nevertheless, I am able to do things in various other languages, too.

Besides being an academic computer scientist I am an active gymnast and also a trainer for trampolining at the sports club TV Nieder-Beerbach. I am also part of the executive committee of this club as the responsible for youth work and the maintenance of its website. Together with my wife I renovate a house in Nieder-Beerbach (a part of Mühltal, Hessen, Germany), so my weekends are dominated of manual work currently.